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               THE SIDECAR



           THE TEAM & SIDECAR

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                OUR TEAM

Triplebrew Racing are a team who race a replica classic racing sidecar all over the UK and in Europe too. The outfit they campaign is fully compliant with classic racing rules as well as being within the true spirit of classic racing. The chassis was built in 2011 by Mike Richards of MR Equipe. The sidecar uses 10" wheels all round as these were widely used in the period as opposed to other sizes currently used that were not. The engine used is a 1972 Triumph Trident T150v but, as you would expect,heavily modified. The capacity has been increased to 930cc by increasing bore and stroke in an attempt to keep up with the large capacity Imp and BMW based machines which form the majority of the competition.
The outfit is ridden by Grant and Ian is the passenger. The general looking after and maintenance is performed by them both with assistance from brother Geoff. More involved tasks inevitably go to Mike Richards of MR Equipe or Richard Peckett at P&M Motorcycles.
The team are very proud of their sidecar and feel very privileged to own such a stunning machine.



Ian Tapsell


Date of Birth: 14/10/1972
Hometown: Biggin Hill, Kent
Occupation: Parts Manager
Favourite Car: Prefer Bikes
Favourite Bike: Triumph Trident T150
Favourite motorcycle racer: Giacomo Agostini
Favourite Beer: Chimay Blue, Leffe
First started racing in 2005










Grant Tapsell


Date of Birth: 31/12/1979
Hometown: Barwell, Liecs
Occupation: Parts Advisor
Favourite Car: Audi RS6
Favourite Bike: Rob North Triumph Trident Racer
Favourite Motorcycle Racer:  Mr Valentino Rossi 46
Favourite Drink: Leffe,Chimay Blue, any Belguim beer really!
Favourite Race Circuit: Cadwell Park
First started racing in 2005




Geoff (brother and sponsor)
Mum and Dad (sponsors, food suppliers)
Laura (Grants girlfriend and team PR)
Richard and Sandra Peckett ( P&M )
Mike Richards (Chassis supremo)  MR Equipe
Bob Bird (Mentor)

Also a big thank you for the support from Tony & Margaret Sparrow, Ron Hardy,John Chich Marsh,Annette Daykin,Michel & Bernadette Lederman, Den & Janet Mansfield, Buster and all the CRMC marshals and officials.And finally thank you to anyone else who hasn't been mentioned.


Also a huge thanks to all the other sidecar crews/teams who are all good friends and always help out when they can at meetings.


            THE SIDECAR

     ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ MR Equipe Triumph Trident Specification


Engine Specification

Billet 'Arrow' Road spec (6lb lighter than std), 77mm stroke
Con-rods: Carrillo (steel), 6mm shorter than standard.
Crankshaft bearings: Standard.
Camshafts: Megacycle - Racing profile.
Cam followers: Lightened.
Cam wheels: Lightened.
Pistons: Omega.
Cylinders: P&M Special.
Cylinder Head: Gas flowed and twin plugged (6 plug)
Valves: Special, Lightened, tuftrided, with top caps.
Valve springs: R&D Multi-rate.
Valve collars: Titanium top, as required steel bottom.
Valve adjusters: Mushroom, short, to suit above valves.
Pushrods: Standard.
Rockers: Lightened and Polished.
Carburetors Amal, 33mm with fitted "smoothbore" bell mouths
Oil pump: +50% capacity
Oil pump drive: Lightened and tuftrided
Primary drive:P&M Belt drive kit.
Clutch: P&M multi plate .
Gearbox: 5-speed, close ratio.
Electrics: 12v Negative earth Alternator & Boyer power box.
Ignition: Pazon as supplied by P&M


Engine built by P&M for the 2015 season.





Chassis Details

The chassis is made from T45 tube and tig welded that offers a combination of strength and light weight. The brakes used are discs to all wheels with AP Racing calipers. The front brake lever operates one caliper on the front wheel whilst the rear brake pedal operates the caliper on the rear wheel, the caliper on the sidecar wheel and two caliper's on the front wheel (one on each side). The wheels are 10" all round with Yokohama A032R tyres fitted. Front suspension is by Hagon shocks and the rear has a single Avo unit.







P&M Motorcycles




Next Race Meeting


Camathais Cup Round 1


Croix , France


April 9th & 10th